Where every product has a history that nurtures the future

With a strong commitment to provenance and transparency, Your Tomorrow incorporates these 6 values into the products at EVERY possible opportunity:

improve / nurture / celebrate / empower / honour / integrate


IMPROVING lives by working with organisations and purchasing products that practise fair-trade principals, encourage education, provide access to healthcare and connection to the local community

NURTURING the earth by sourcing materials and supporting practises that are sustainable, have a lower carbon footprint, use less natural resources in production and are less harmful to the planet

CELEBRATING artisans by recognising the care and beauty only handmade craftsmanship can bring to products and sharing it with a wider audience

EMPOWERING initiative by supporting individuals, families, co-operatives and organisations that are improving their situation and that of the communities they are part of

HONOURING traditions by supporting, appreciating and preserving knowledge and skills handed down through the generations, over generations

INTEGRATING old with new; familiar with foreign; traditional with current


In 2014, I found myself craving more creativity and purpose in my life.

It's almost like I blinked and I missed it. Fortunate encounters and my career had taken me in a very different direction, when I hadn't been paying attention!

Finding inspiration after attending a conference for big hearted creative types, I came up with a business name, bought a new sewing machine and started making cushions the following week.

In 2015, after an incredibly fortunate event, I found myself living abroad and traveling. I went to Africa with two best friends for a month, then went solo in Mexico and Guatemala- my senses were on overload.

I experienced different cultures, felt the warmth of welcoming smiles of strangers, saw the most amazing artisan handcrafts, set eyes on the most awesome landscapes and discovered organisations making a real difference to people's lives in an genuine and meaningful way.

I then met a young girl selling trinkets on the street in Chichicastenango, in the highlands of Guatemala, and I had an 'aha' moment...

I have the opportunity to improve lives, nurture the earth, celebrate artisans, empower initiative, honour traditions and integrate old with new; familiar with foreign; traditional with contemporay, by creating beautiful products that incorporate their amazing work with my own ideas.

I came back to Australia at the end of 2015 to take stock (and put some money back in the bank account!) and started looking within my own local community, for organisations that were making a difference at a grass roots level.

With a strong commitment to provenance and traceability, and a love of exploration, investigation, collaboration and integration, the Your Tomorrow collection was born.

I'm looking forward to sharing the journey, introducing you to the artisans I meet along the way and making a difference, however small, to the world we live in- yours, theirs and ours.

Mich x

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